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Everyone Has A Computer

This is a phrase that some schools have taken up so they can get rid of entry level computer classes. When I was in college they removed the requirement for CIS 101 because "Everyone has a computer, so they know how to use it" because they frankly don't really understand the point. I am typing this up in hopes that maybe I will be able to clear up the situation. (more…)

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Following what would be a pitiful match where we saw Paige team up with Emma vs. the Bella Twins that ended in 30 seconds, social media has got on the #GiveDivasAChance bandwagon. Let's be honest, the women's division in WWE (or even TNA) is quite awful. When you look at the divas that are on the main roster, I can name maybe five who can wrestle decently. The majority of the divas are just there to be eye candy. The problem with eye candy is that eventually people get tired of just looking at women in wrestling outfits. Sure, Summer Rae is very attractive, but her work in the ring is awful. I personally like Paige, Charlotte, Emma, and AJ Lee a lot more than the main eye candy that's displayed on current TV because those women can have and have had good matches in the past. So I have a couple suggestions to give the divas a chance. (more…)

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So, I do a stream generally every night or two on Twitch and have also decided I wanted to get a hitbox as well. This however is a problem because I also have problems with my bandwidth not only not supporting streaming to multiple sources but also because I have a bandwidth cap and that’s where comes in handy. Restream is a little site that allows you to set it up like a twitch Read more…

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Comments Off?

I don't really understand what is happening on the internet today. I do understand that there's a lot of jerks on the internet who pretend to be "Trolls" or whatnot. I just don't understand why all comments would be turned off. (more…)

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