So, I do a stream generally every night or two on Twitch and have also decided I wanted to get a hitbox as well. This however is a problem because I also have problems with my bandwidth not only not supporting streaming to multiple sources but also because I have a bandwidth cap and that’s where comes in handy.

Restream is a little site that allows you to set it up like a twitch or hitbox account but what you do is add in your other streaming services to it, such as twitch, hitbox, youtube, connectcast, etc. When you add those in you then can stream with an rtmp channel to the address given to Restream and BAM you now have the ability to stream to multiple sources at once without a problem. I have done this a couple times and have noticed it works quite well however there is some delay for the video to both twitch and hitbox but I would imagine that is because you have to stream from the computer, to restream, then to the channels you want.

By Reetin