This is a phrase that some schools have taken up so they can get rid of entry level computer classes. When I was in college they removed the requirement for CIS 101 because “Everyone has a computer, so they know how to use it” because they frankly don’t really understand the point. I am typing this up in hopes that maybe I will be able to clear up the situation.

No, not everyone with a computer knows how to use the computer effectively. I don’t get why people would even bother to say that or even fathom as to why they believe this to be true. Yes, my nephew knows more about computers at age 10 than I did when I was his age, however he doesn’t know what binary is. My nephew also doesn’t know how to use word processing, excel, or anything similar to that.

I think that these people with flaws theories believe that because you own something and it sits in your house, that you know how to use it. This flawed mentality is like me saying “I know how to cook because I have a stove” which is just wrong. Yes, I do know how to cook but I learned that trait from someone else, my mom, home economics class, and watching way too many episodes of Good Eats but that does not mean that owning a stove means you know how to cook, just that you have a stove. The same thing goes with computers, just because you own one does not mean you know how to use it.

The people who are on the boards at schools need to re-evaluate their positions and make more informed decisions. Basically, they’re idiots.

By Reetin