According to Techspot Internet Explorer is going to be on it’s way out with Windows 10. As of right now with the technical preview of Windows 10 Internet Explorer is still in it as the default web browser.

In the future Microsoft plans on introducing Project Spartan as the web browser of choice and while I do think that Internet Explorer will still be on Windows 10, it might not get any significant upgrades after the launch of the new OS.

Personally, I feel this is a great move for Microsoft. For years now people have been switching from Internet Explorer to Firefox or Chrome, increasing the percentage of people who avoid using Internet Explorer. Now, Internet explorer still has a decent market share thanks to people who still use the default software but I believe they want to have a higher market share for the more technical inclined. If Microsoft wants to get that market share back they may need to develop a new browser, which is just what they are doing.

By Reetin