It’s true, i don’t have much of a schedule right now, being as I am posting this directly after posting something, then the theory is that I won’t post something for about a week. So I need to make myself a schedule so that I can actually try to make this site get bigger.

Step One: Once a week, starting today but moving forward I will have it on Fridays I will post what I feel to be the best video from my Twitch account to Youtube and also on the site. I will post one video today of Killing Floor 2 and I will post another this upcoming Friday on the 1st of May.

Step Two: Predictions videos. I can make decent prediction videos for wrestling events and I want to do that monthly. Extreme Rules has already passed so I am going to start this right before the next PPV event which is Payback.

Step Three: Reviews. I will attempt to do some video reviews of either games, movies, tv shows, or whatever I find interesting at the time. I plan on doing this once a month, however I can’t guarantee my attention span will allow me to do this. It will not be a review like Nostalgia Critic or anything like that. The reviews will be less comedy driven and just more information based.

Step Four: Weekly Podcast. Starting this Sunday I will start recording and uploading podcasts to the site in a frequent manner. This is something I have wanted to do for a while, but have not really felt driven to do so until now. So this Sunday, May 3rd, I will start on the plan to do more podcasts in the future. Look forward to hearing Aroah and me talk about random stuff with periodic guests on the podcast as well.

If you can think of anything else I should add, feel free to comment down below or use the contact box at the top.

By Reetin