Hello and welcome our new overlords, GoDaddy.

You likely won’t see this until the Domain switches over from my own personal hosting solution to GoDaddy which I suspect will happen around the 11th of August 2015. So you might ask yourself “Why would you switch hosting?” or “Who are you and why am I reading your post?” in which I will explain at least one of those things in the coming post! Goodness, so impatient.

So going along with that I actually have this as a third hosting solution for Reetin Entertainment because I am looking for the best hosting available while still being able to eat. The first host I chose was Arvixe which was pretty awful. The server response time was terrible so when you would log into the website or just try to load it up, it would take forever to load. Obviously with the attention span of most people on the internet I did not like the fact that it would take forever to load up my website since I actually wanted people to stay on the website and view my posts.

I then used a shared server solution that I have which was from a company called Cloud@Cost. Mind you, they are not a bad company it cost me about $70 for the amount of server space I have with 100/100Mb connection however it rarely actually ran at that. So what my friend and I did was take my server I have there and used it as a linux based solution for running my website. Now this did lower the response time of the server a little bit which made it on a whole run a lot smoother than it did on the previous host Arvixe. However, it was still not ideal. As I said the internet connection usually ran a far bit slower than the advertised speed at about 10% what they said it would run at. With that in mind the server response time last week was so bad that it basically forced me to look at other hosting solutions.

There were a lot of hosting solutions I could have chosen from. There are literally 100s if not 1000s of solutions one can use from hosting. You can choose Hostgator, dreamhost, GoDaddy (the one I went with), along with a ton of other smaller ones like Bluehost, Arvixe, webhostinghub, and so on and so forth. I chose GoDaddy because they have a pretty good reputation for having a solid foundation, good up time for their sites, and most of all they were not too expensive for what I need to use them for. So hopefully this relationship with GoDaddy will go well and I won’t have to switch hosting again.

What are some hosting solutions that you like? Have any recommendations or suggestions for hosting?

By Reetin