Recently I have been attempting to post a video on my youtube every single Saturday at midnight Pacific time. I ran into a snag this week and I was also unable to come to the podcast because of some other issues which Aroah quickly addressed in the podcast. So the question should be “Where Has Reetin Been?” and I can answer that. I have been away.

By “away” I mean literally away. I had to travel to California which meant I was unable to produce a video for Saturday the 5th of December, 2015. I was back on Sunday but was still unable to attend the podcast. The reason I was in California was because my mom was in the hospital. She actually still is in the hospital with an enlarged liver due to years of drinking. I had to spend about five days in the Palm Springs area, watching over my mom and seeing how she was progressing until we felt she was getting better enough we knew she would not pass away. The good news is that she is getting better and will have to go to physical therapy in order to get motion back and she will stay there until she is able to live independently.

The reason I was not able to attend the podcast or annoy Aroah and Connor? Well, the moment I got home I hopped onto my computer and had a graphics card update. I updated the graphics card and went to reboot my computer and it never came back on. It seems that my motherboard decided to fry itself and the processor at that exact time. So, I was left without a computer and on Sunday (the day we record and edit the podcasts) I had to head up to Portland to get a new motherboard and it was after that we found out my processor is fried as well.

Every other piece of the computer is working, though. We have tested the power supply, RAM, and the graphics card so none of those should be the issue. The motherboard is a brand new one from Frys so I am sure that shouldn’t be the issue so the only problem is the processor. I have a new one on order, but it hasn’t even shipped yet, which is disturbing. I should still be able to record the podcast this weekend, but I can barely stream at this point with my laptop. So, it might be a while until I am able to stream and make youtube videos.

It always does suck when something like this happens especially when you are trying to build up a website, youtube, and Twitch. So, if anyone reads this just know, I am working on getting the whole schedule back on track and I do plan on playing some Final Fantasy V on my stream once I am able to stream well.

Oh! My friend’s cat died too. This week kind of sucks.

By Reetin