So, here at ReetinEntertainment I plan on using my past experiences working on other sites to build a nice little news centered website. There of course will be videos and my live stream at Twitch which will hopefully grow along with the site. Previously I worked at two other sites as their Press and Public Relations Manager and I plan on using my knowledge from that in order to have different companies send me updates on what they will be doing in the future and then pass it along to the site.

Other than that there’s no real plans for having ads on the site or anything of that sort unless it is included in a Youtube video I might post. I may also use videos that my friends make in order to have them promoted on the site. I know full well that I will probably at least have Aroah have some videos posted whenever he feels around to it and others if they want to get promoted. Again, I don’t really expect this site to get huge or anything, I just want a fun little site that I run without any drama.

By Reetin