Joystiq died. Basically, Joystiq was the only gaming site I trusted for reviews of games and valid information. There were other sites I used to go to like for a long time and I still talk to a couple people from that site. I also used to go to and work as PR for a place called is ran by a man named Shawn “Lusipurr” Cooper and I highly suggest the site if you are looking for someone who knows a lot about not just gaming but he is an excellent writer and has a very good sense of humor along with a high wit makes for an entertaining podcast or posts when he feels inclined to post.

I never go to those sites anymore though. I went to Joystiq and Massively, that’s it. I trusted those sites and while Massively is branching out and making MassivelyOP I still feel that Joystiq was possibly the best gaming site for a long time. So, when they got shut down by AOL I wanted to do something for myself basically. I want to start a site where I am the only one in control, even if no one comes here that’s okay.

I will (over the next couple weeks) set up this site to be a gaming news site, probably have some videos, and a live stream. I can’t say that my writing will be impeccable or the news stories will be exciting, but I will try to update every couple days and make news that I am interested in be highlighted.

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By Reetin

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