So I frequently use Twitter. My job gives me the down time to read Twitter a lot, check out tech blogs, and do a lot of stuff on the internet with a certain amount of freedom I have not had at any other job aside from one. My tweets have skyrocketed since I got this new job and I honestly enjoy the communication between friends and random stranger. This may sound odd but I have actually grown to make people I knew in high school closer friends now that I use Twitter on the regular.

Social media actually does have a lot of advantages. Some of those advantages are meeting people that you would not have been able to meet. I follow quite a few people I did not know before I started using Twitter regularly and I also have spoken to people whom I would never had a chance to in real life. Social media also helps you see what people are really like. When you see someone face to face they typically put on a mask some don’t, most do. With social media you get to see past that mask because even though their name is attached to the account, when you are behind a computer you feel somewhat untouchable. When someone has a sense of anonymity they feel they can say or do whatever they want with no repercussions and it can cause a lot of E-drama which is what I and a lot of people try to avoid.

This brings me to Klye Klgleran. Now, he’s a talented guy who from what I can understand went to school in order to make films for a living. He used to be on That Guy With The Glasses (now known as Channel Awesome and will be CA for the rest of this blog post) until some stuff happened where he and a small group of people left as a way of protest to the way certain members of the site were being treated. I believe he still does his web series “Brows Held High” which covers independent movies mainly and focuses on art house style movies.

None of that matters though because Klye Klgleran is kind of a prick. I personally liked his show, would watch it frequently when I would see it on CA and I even watched a few episodes outside on different sources. I can honestly say that I call him a prick because of one thing and it’s a personal thing to do with Twitter. Speaking with Guru Larry (Twitter is @LarryBundyjr) and Lordkat (@Lordkat) they were both blocked by Kyle Klgleran on Twitter without any lines of communication between them. I have also been blocked on Twitter by him because I have an association of following two people that he has blocked. So basically, he blocked someone who would be considered his fan because he could not deal with the possibility of potentially getting made fun of online.

So I am done ranting, just wanted to post something about it in the vain hope that possibly Kyle will see this and see that he may be a prick.

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By Reetin

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