Caffeine is something I drank a lot of basically for the last ten years. If you have watched my stream at all ( you might have noticed that I usually have a 100oz container of soda that I would drink out of. My favorite type of drink is Mountain Dew but I also have been drinking Diet Dr. Pepper lately. Well, that is until Sunday July 19th when I decided I should probably stop taking so much soda in and switched entirely to water.

Reading through suggestions about quitting caffeine everyone says to take it slow, basically instead of just quitting cold turkey, start to drink less and less soda (or caffeinated beverage of choice) and you can wean yourself off of it. I did not do that because I feel that if I drink any soda I will just slip back into drinking a ton of it every day and that will basically hinder my ability to stop the caffeine intake. The reason I am posting this is to note what symptoms I am having with regards to Caffeine withdrawal.

    Sluggishness: The first symptom I am having is sluggishness. I am feeling pretty lazy right now and kind of don’t want to do anything. From what I have read it is because of the fact that I do not have caffeine simulating certain parts of my brain and that is making me feel less motivated than normal. This should subside in a few days.

    Tiredness: I think this might go along with the sluggishness but I still feel it is an issue. Now, normally I stay up pretty late and have a hard time sleeping. However, last night because I had not drank any caffeine in over 24 hours I was extremely exhausted. I ended up sleeping from about 8 PM to 4 AM and completely missed WWE Raw, so I will have to catch up on that when I get home! Again, this should subside, as with all the symptoms in just a few days.

    Headache: I have had a small headache here and there for the last couple days, it’s pretty mild and it is mainly in the front of my head. I don’t really get headaches often and they do not really cause me any grief when Id o have them.

That’s about it! Not too many symptoms to be worried about as I have read of a lot of people who get constipated or whatnot when they quit drinking Caffeinated beverages. I haven’t had any problems in that department so I think I am doing pretty well. I am just hoping that by this time next week my body will have adjusted to not having caffeine and I can start fully functioning without it.

Tell me what you think in the comments below. Do you think I am stupid for stopping drinking caffeine? Do you think that it is a good thing that I stop? Do you like bacon?

By Reetin